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Private Lessons

Availability Mon - Sun for 1:1 Sessions 

Are you new to yoga? Have you recently taken a long break from the mat? Do you want to develop your yoga practice to be more than just the postures? What are you waiting for?! Your yoga journey begins today!


Private lessons are bespoke yoga lessons catered ​to you and your needs. Develop your own personal yoga practice and feel improvement on the mat and in your daily life. The lessons can be structured around asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), dhyāna (meditation), yogic philosophy or all of the above. Deepen your self awareness with 1:1 session designed to be rewarding but more importantly, fun!


These sessions can take place at Blackheath Yoga, Calm Collective Yoga, Thames-Side Studios or at your home.

Emma sat with hands together laughing.

Weekly Schedule


All Levels Yoga
at Charlton Lido and Lifestyle Club

8 - 9am 

Join me at the gorgeous new studio at the Charlton Lido and Lifestyle Club that overlooks Hornfair Park! This is an all levels yoga flow class where we will flow from posture to posture using the breath as the impulse for movement. 

Emma in a reverse triangle in front of a large window with a green tree outside.

Mindful Flow
at Thames-Side Studios

6:30 - 7:30pm

In this class, we’ll enjoy the gorgeous view of the Thames as we flow from posture to posture using the breath as the impulse for movement. Each class will be centered around a mindfulness technique that you can then bring into your daily life. We will challenge ourselves to be completely present, always curious about the ever-changing nature of our bodies, our breath and our thoughts. You'll walk out feeling rejuvenated, with a newfound appreciation and understanding of yourself. Open to beginner and expert yogis alike!

Yoga Fundamentals
at Thames-Side Studios

7:35 - 8:35pm

In this beginner level class we will delve into yoga philosophy and learn the fundamental asanas (postures). You will learn correct alignment and how to choose modifications for your body. With a "workshop style," we'll focus on a specific yoga posture each week, learning the benefits of the posture, the correct alignment and all of the different variations one could take. I will leave space for questions, comments and reflections, giving you the time to observe what you're feeling. Each class will discuss a particular element of yogic philosophy giving you a more well rounded understanding of the practice. Great for beginner yogis, those with injuries/mobility issues and those who want a greater understanding of yogic philosophy. 

Yoga students laying in Savasana in a bright yoga studio overlooking the Thames River.
Emma in cow face pose with eagle arms smiling on her mat.


Vinyasa Flow
at Calm Collective

6:30 - 7:30pm

During a Vinyasa class you will be led through a sequence of postures with each pose flowing from one to another. Warming and opening up the body with Sun Salutations and building on each round with new poses often working up to a peak pose before winding down to stretches and finally a well-deserved Savasana (relaxation). I would love to see your beautiful faces in this sweaty flow! Each week I will a unique playlist and fun flow that will challenge your flexibility and strength. Join the Calm Collective Family!

Emma practicing peaceful warrior at the Calm Collective studio. It is dark outside the window with fairylights on in the studio.


Emma practicing triangle pose in the Blackheath Yoga studio.

Dynamic Flow
at Blackheath Yoga

9 - 10am

Dynamic Flow is our more advanced Vinyasa inspired class for those with some yoga experience. Breath is the impulse for movement and we will move from posture to posture guided by our breath. Be prepared to sweat, laugh and shake, feeling stronger than ever before with these fun flows to get you out of your head and into your body. With new playlists each session to make you wanna dance through your practice.


Yoga for Beginners
at Calm Collective

10 - 11:15am (4 Week Course) 

Perfect for those with little or no experience and for regular students wishing to rebuild the foundations of their practice…there’s always something new to learn! In this course you will be supported every step of the way as you learn more about how your body moves and how to work with certain conditions as well as developing a deeper connection to your mind, body and spirit. (Next one starts Feb 5th 2023).

Emma in a low lunge reaching arms overhead in front of a blank wall.

Hatha Yoga
at Calm Collective

11:30 - 12:30pm

This is an all levels class that focuses on proper alignment and stamina. We will hold postures for longer using our breath to go deeper than we ever thought we could! This is a class for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Develop your practice, build strength and courage in this Hatha class.

Emma teaching a yoga class. Everyone is sat cross legged and Emma is kneeling with her eyes closed. This is at the Calm Collective yoga studio.