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Emma in a side plank variation with one leg lifted.

More about me

Yoga for ALL bodies

I was lucky enough to be exposed to yoga at a young age. As a kid, it was a time to connect inwardly and let go of the stresses of school. Little did I know that yoga would become a major part of my way of life. By the time I was 18, I desperately wanted to be a yoga instructor. I wanted to make other people feel the way I felt every time I took a yoga class. So, at 18, I got my 200hr certification from The Yoga Institute. I immediately started teaching after that. I wanted to give back and help guide others to release and let go the way I was able to as a kid. I've now been teaching group and private lessons for over 7 years. Everyone's practice looks different and I celebrate those differences, always offering modifications and encouraging my students to listen to their body at all times, even if that leads them straight to childspose ; ) My classes are inspired by my experience teaching in New York, Houston and London, all to merge into a style that is completely unique, fun and challenging.

I offer many workshops and courses with beginners. So if you're new to yoga, you have come to the right place! I truly believe that the hardest thing about yoga is signing up for that first class, after that, everything gets a lot easier and clearer. So, Beginners, come to class with all of your fears and concerns. And then, let's squash them all together!

I am known for my soothing voice, easing my students to release tension and focus on being present. Meditation is a huge part of my practice and I bring that into my teaching. Each class will begin and end with a guided meditation. I vary the meditations from class to class, allowing you to notice which form works best for you. I have recently released an album, "The Light Within," featuring many of my original meditations inspired by my wonderful teachers and mentors throughout the years. 

Alongside my yoga, I have always been a fitness fanatic. I'm the one who takes every class they can get their hands on just to experience all of the different styles out there! I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor from NASM and I am currently studying to become a Personal Trainer to broaden my understanding of the human body. 

Each lesson has a handcrafted playlist, that I create inspired by that class' flow. Yoga is about connecting to your body and freeing yourself of the weight you carry throughout the day. What a better way of doing this than moving to music! I create playlists with the goal to make you want to move, flow to the beat while distracting yourself from the length of time in one posture. All of my playlists can be found on my Spotify: @elevy16 

More About Me: About Me
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