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Live Music Flow
Aroma Flow
Emma with eyes closed stretching her left tricep.

Sunday, 17th March
3:30 - 5pm @ Blackheath Yoga
Sunday, 15th April
2 - 3:30pm @ Calm Collective Yoga
Saturday, 27th April
3 - 4:30pm @ Charlton Lido


Free your senses in this 90 minute yoga experience with essential oils. Learn the many effects of essential oils on mood, health and wellness. Throughout this 90 minute yoga experience, Emma will lead you through a gentle, restorative flow, all inspired by the essential oils that you smell.


The workshop will begin with a guided focus meditation, with scents known for enhancing cognitive function and memory. Then we’ll practice pranayama (breathing) enhanced by essential oils known for opening up the breath to start the practice with focus and deep breathing. Then we will awaken the body using oils known for energizing as we move into a gentle yoga flow. Finally, we’ll end with a guided meditation in Savasana to ease you into total relaxation, with oils known for helping with insomnia.

Essential oils are not intended as a cure for any ailment; rather, they help the body maintain a sense of equilibrium and well-being. You will walk out of this session feeling refreshed and grounded with a newfound understanding of the powers of essential oils and how to apply them in your daily life.

Aroma Flow:
Yoga and Essential Oils 

Finding Your Flow

Saturday, 2nd June
2 - 4:30pm @ Blackheath Yoga
Sunday, 9th June
2 - 4:30pm @ Calm Collective Yoga

“Vinyasa” is derived from the Sanskrit term nyasa, which means “to place,” and the prefix vi, “in a special way” such as when we link one asana (posture) to the next. In this workshop, you will learn how to flow from one posture to another with greater ease and enjoyment. You will learn how to “place” your body with care and patience so that every posture feels “special” and made for your body and breath in the moment. 


Gain confidence in your body and learn how to listen to what it is that you need. The practice will start with a guided Vinyasa Flow practice which will then lead into your own personalized flow! Think of this like a movement meditation. You will connect inward, listen to the needs of your body and move in ways that feel uniquely you. We will break down tricky transitions such as chaturanga, giving tips and tools to find great ease through these challenging vinyasa flow moments. You will learn how to create your own sequences so that you can create your own practice at home. 


After this workshop, you will have the confidence to join any vinyasa flow class and know that you can modify, adjust and change the postures in ways that feel good in your body.

Emma doing upward facing dog in front of a sunset.

Rest and Restore: Restorative Yoga and Essential Oils

Saturday, 20th April 
2 - 4pm @ Blackheath Yoga 
Sunday, 19th May
2 - 4pm @ Calm Collective Sidcup

This 2 hour workshop will combine meditation, pranayama, essential oils and restorative yoga to create a holistic practice that gives back to your body. We so rarely give ourselves time to truly rest and reset. This workshop will help you to let go and surrender to the present moment. The workshop will begin with a grounding body scan meditation to bring yourself into the present moment.

This meditation will be paired with a grounding essential oil applied to your temples for ultimate relaxation and calm. You will then be guided through a mindful breathing practice to slow down your breath and nervous system and ease you into the restorative postures.


We will practice some gentle movements and stretches and apply warming oils to our hands, feet and belly - all areas that help to ease anxiety when catered to. We will indulge in Restorative Yoga where the aim is sensationlessness. We will use as many props as needed to allow your body to completely surrender as if you are floating away on a cloud. Each posture will be held for 5-12 minutes for ultimate relaxation.


Restorative Yoga balances the nervous system, boosts the immune system, releases muscular tension and deeply relaxes the body and mind. This practice will be a gift to your body and your mind. You will walk out of this workshop feeling refreshed, restored and at ease. All levels and abilities welcome (all essential oil use is completely optional).

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Beginner's Yoga Course at Calm Collective Yoga

4 Weeks of Yoga Fundamentals
Sundays 10 - 11:15 am 

Next one in April

Perfect for those with little or no experience and for regular students wishing to rebuild the foundations of their practice…there’s always something new to learn! In this course you will be supported every step of the way as you learn more about how your body moves and how to work with certain conditions as well as developing a deeper connection to your mind, body and spirit.

Emma in a low lunge in front of a blank wall.
Emma sat laughing.

Private Lessons

Beginners and renown yogis alike, challenge your bodies, grow your confidence, and open your mind. We work together to create a practice that works for you. This can mean a focus on feeling comfortable on the mat, inversions, meditation, curating a daily practice and so much more. Email me to discuss the pricing options. 

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